• Thursday June 21:  Cindy subs for Sarah
  • Tuesday June 26:  Cindy subs for Sarah
  • While we do our best to keep this website updated, our schedule is subject to change without notice.  The most reliable way to receive notification about a class change or cancellation is through our private email list. Please contact us if you'd like to join:

Sunday Morning Community Classes     

9:30 - 11:00 am, pay by donation ($5 - $20 sliding scale suggested).  All are welcome to attend.  If you're new to our studio, please be sure to introduce yourself to your teacher before the start of class. 

June 3:   Neck & Shoulder Tension Tamers with Sarah

If you hold tightness around your shoulders and neck, this class will be perfect for you. We’ll start with a passive release for the cervical spine, then begin to gently mobilize and stretch the soft tissue that supports the neck and weaves down around the shoulder girdle. Appropriate for all levels. 

JUne 10:   Chakra balancing yin yoga with cindy

Our body’s main energetic centers, the chakras, run along our spine. This Yin Yoga class is designed to release our energy / prana (life force) to travel freely along the spine and throughout the whole body, aligning and balancing the chakras. We’ll start with a posture targeting the base of the spine and sequentially move up to the crown of the head. Postures will be done while seated or lying down, holding in stillness and surrendering to gravity. For all levels.  

June 17:   Hands-Free Yoga with Sarah

It’s possible to move through a dynamic, strengthening flow of Yoga poses without ever putting weight in your hands. Join Sarah for a fun slow-flow practice, all totally hands-free. (We’ll mobilize arms and shoulders, and occasionally place fingertips on floor during transitions, but hands won’t be weight-bearing.) All are welcome.

June 24:   flow yoga with Zelina

Zelina will lead one of her fun, dynamic vinyasa (flowing Yoga) classes, usually accompanied by lively music. Come enjoy! Best for strong practitioners who like flow, and a sense of challenge.