• Nancy Causey will resume teaching in April. In the interim, Cindy now teaches the Friday class; Sarah now teaches the Monday class.   
  • Tuesday February 27, Wednesday February 28, & Thursday March 1:  All of Sarah's classes cancelled
  • Saturday March 3:  Cindy subs for Sarah (for both classes. You may use your series with Sarah to attend)
  • Monday March 5:  Sarah's class cancelled
  • Tuesday March 6:  Cindy subs for Sarah (for both classes. You may use your series with Sarah to attend)
  • While we do our best to keep this website updated, our schedule is subject to change without notice.  The most reliable way to receive notification about a class change or cancellation is through our private email list. Please contact us if you'd like to join:

Sunday Morning Community Classes     

9:30 - 11:00 am, pay by donation ($5 - $20 sliding scale suggested).  All are welcome to attend.  If you're new to our studio, please be sure to introduce yourself to your teacher before the start of class. 

February 25: Flow Yoga with Zelina 

Zelina will lead one of her fun, dynamic vinyasa (flowing Yoga) classes, usually accompanied by lively music. Come enjoy! Best for strong practitioners who like flow, and a sense of challenge. 

March 4: Exploring spaciousness & yoga nidra with eleanor

Eleanor will offer a beautiful, quieting Yogic experience of inner spaciousness. Using the tools of slow, deep movement combined with mindful breathing, we'll explore our sense of spaciousness in our bodies, noticing any places that feel constricted or hardened.  Through intention and breath, we will invite softness to enter. The class will end with the practice of Yoga Nidra, a guided meditation experienced while relaxing and resting, which supports the found spaciousness. All are welcome, including beginners to Yoga. 

March 11: Moving Through Listening with Sandrine

This class will use the dynamics of deep listening through the sensory body as inspiration for movement. We'll explore patterns and ways we adapt -- from moment to moment -- through tuning in more closely with structured, guided movement. All are welcome, and no experience with movement is needed. This is a perfect complement to your yoga practice! This is a gentle class, and accessible to all.

March 18: Hands-Free Yoga with Sarah

 It’s possible to move through a dynamic, strengthening flow of Yoga poses without ever putting weight in your hands. No Downward Dog, no Plank, no Push-Ups of any sort, not even Tabletop! Join Sarah for a fun, slow-flow practice, all totally hands-free. (We’ll move the arms and shoulders, and occasionally place fingertips on the floor – but hands and arms won’t be weight bearing.) All are welcome.

March 25: Yoga & Ayurveda for Spring with Cindy 

Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of medicine, describes the spring season as predominantly Kapha (water and earth elements). It’s a vulnerable time. In spring, as the earth thaws, accumulated Kapha starts to melt, resulting in colds, coughs, allergies, and other respiratory disorders. Join Cindy for a detoxing Yoga class designed to wring out the Kapha that has accumulated in your system during winter. You’ll also learn Ayurvedic tips to keep your digestive fire strong during this season of rebirth.  All are welcome.