While we do our best to keep this website updated, our schedule is subject to change without notice.  The most reliable way to receive notification about a class change or cancellation is through our private email list. Please contact us via email if you'd like to join, or have any questions:

  • MONDAY CLASS ALERT: Starting February 4, Samantha Free will teach the Monday 10 am class. (The Noon chair class is cancelled.) The Monday 10 am will be Samantha’s class. Students can buy a series with Samantha or pay drop-in, but series with Nancy will NOT be honored. Nancy Causey is away for February and March. She’ll resume teaching on Mondays when she returns in April.

  • NEW TEACHER: Yoga at Space welcomes Samantha Free! Samantha is the owner and director of Millbrook Yoga. See our ‘About’ page for Samantha’s bio.

Sunday Morning Community Classes     

9:30 - 11:00 am, pay by donation ($5 - $20 sliding scale suggested).  All are welcome to attend.  If you're new to our studio, please be sure to introduce yourself to your teacher before the start of class. 

February 3:   Moon Salutations with Cindy

Nourish yourself with the warming wonderful flow of Moon Salutations as February’s new moon approaches. This flowing practice will stoke your digestive fire to help keep you strong and healthy as you move through the winter season. Moon Salutations also help calm the nervous system and replenish vital energy.  All are welcome.

February 10:    embodying your heart with Sarah

Come join Sarah in a Yoga practice designed around the region of the heart. We’ll feel the front, back, sides, and center of the upper body, exploring the way our lungs, ribs, shoulders, and sternum relate both to the organ of the heart and a quiet, integrated quality of open-heartedness. Mindful movement and breathing will inspire gentle openings, inviting restrictions to melt away. Open to all.

February 17:   Warming the Body & Attuning to Sensation with Sandrine

In this deep winter practice, we'll explore approaches to deepening awareness of sensation through movement, guided self-touch, and breath work. No prior movement experience is required for any of the explorations. Come as you are, wear layers for warmth, and socks. 

February 24:    yin yoga for winter with Cindy

In Chinese medicine, the organ systems associated with the winter season - the water element - are the Kidney-Bladder pairs of meridians and organs. The Kidneys are the storehouse of our vital energy, our life essence, and need to remain balanced for all the other organs to function.  Sensitive to the cold, it’s important to nourish the kidneys during the winter and build a reserve of prana / chi to be used in times of stress. This class is designed to nourish and enhance the flow of energy along the Kidney-Bladder meridians for an overall sense of vibrancy and vitality in the body. Postures are seated or lying down and be held in stillness for 2-5 minutes.  All are welcome.