While we do our best to keep this website updated, our schedule is subject to change without notice.  The most reliable way to receive notification about a class change or cancellation is through our private email list. Please contact us via email if you'd like to join, or have any questions:

  • Tuesday October 16: Sarah subs for Cindy

  • Tuesday October 23: Cindy subs for Sarah

  • Wednesday October 24: Sarah’s 9:15 am Embodycore cancelled, & Eleanor will sub the 11 am

Sunday Morning Community Classes     

9:30 - 11:00 am, pay by donation ($5 - $20 sliding scale suggested).  All are welcome to attend.  If you're new to our studio, please be sure to introduce yourself to your teacher before the start of class. 

september 30:  embodying relational movement with Sarah

Everything we do - on or off the yoga mat - expresses a relationship. We're constantly juggling the relationship between our inner environment and our outer environment. When we're able to skillfully relate to what we experience, we create ease. In this moderately paced Embodyoga practice, Sarah will introduce the relational principles of yield and push, which offer profound support as we navigate ourselves and the space around us. Open to all.

october 7:  teacher’s choice with sarah

Sarah will offer a moderately paced, well-rounded Embodyoga practice, combining meditative awareness, breath work, postures, and ending with deep relaxation. Open to all.

October 14:   yin yoga for the hips with cindy

Yin Yoga promotes healing and wholeness by increasing one’s natural range of movement, joint mobility, and flexibility. This class will explore the full range of motion in the hip joints through a sequence of poses targeting the strong bands of connective tissue in thIs area. Most postures will be done while seated or lying down and held in stillness for 2-5 minutes. Class is appropriate for all levels.

October 21:   Gentle Yoga & Yoga Nidra with eleanor

Eleanor will offer a soothing and grounding practice, combining gentle Yoga with mindful breathing. The class will end with Yoga Nidra, a guided meditation experienced while resting and relaxing. Open to all, including beginners to Yoga. 

October 28:  Flow yoga with zelina

Zelina will offer one of her fun, dynamically flowing Yoga practices, usually accompanied by lively music. Best for strong practitioners who like flow Yoga and a sense of challenge.