Yoga is the practice of deliberate attention.  Our classes offer slow-paced, breath-centered investigations into the experience of embodiment, incorporating alignment principles for safety and clarity, and meditative focus for centering and grounding. All of the Yoga we offer is influenced by Embodyoga®, classical Yoga practices and philosophy, plus modern mind-body research. The Yoga at Space teachers are highly trained and committed professionals with many years of teaching experience. See our About page for teacher backgrounds and certifications. 

Pick a class appropriate for your experience with Yoga. If you have an injury, excessive stiffness, or a health condition, please contact us first. A group class is usually not appropriate for those working with injuries or medical conditions, nor are any of the classes we offer meant to serve as a substitute for physical therapy or similar individualized treatments. 

for beginners & continuing students

Gentle & Restorative   This combo class is a mixture of gentle movement and Restorative Yoga. The practice begins with a Restorative Yoga pose, creating a meditative state of deep, nurturing quiet to heal, detoxify, and de-stress. Next, gentle movement supported by deep Yogic breathing begins to open the body, mobilizing the spine and major joints as well as mindfully stretching and strengthening. Class always ends with a period of deep relaxation. Great for beginners, or those seeking a slow-paced, accessible practice.

Basics    Basics classes emphasize the fundamentals of classical Yoga practice: meditative awareness, breath, and alignment. Appropriate for both beginners and continuing students, these classes are slow-paced, but offer a moderate amount of challenge.

Mixed Levels  A well-rounded Yoga class incorporating flow forms and classical poses. An excellent class for continuing students, and appropriate for beginners in good physical condition who are ready to try a more dynamic practice. 

Yin Yoga  Yin Yoga is yoga for the joints, bones, and connective tissue/fascia. Yin Yoga promotes healing and wholeness by increasing one’s natural range of movement, joint mobility and flexibility. Most postures target the spine and hips, are done while seated or lying down, and are held in stillness for two to five minutes. The goal is to gently stretch and rehabilitate connective tissue while improving the flow of prana or chi, the subtle life force essential to overall well-being. Great for beginners as well as continuing students.

Chair Yoga for All Imagine downward dog without stressing the wrists, warrior 3 without falling, and child’s pose without deeply bending the knees! This class will utilize chairs and resistance bands, as well as the wall and floor, to explore a wide variety of poses without strain. Sometimes the class will be easy, sometimes challenging, but it will always be good for you. Appropriate for all levels, especially those needing modifications due to back or joint issues. Use of a chair is optional. 

Sunday Community Class  Every Sunday we offer a pay-by-donation class, with a different teacher and topic each time. This is a great way to check out our studio and teachers! See our News page for this month's schedule.


Intermediate  For committed, experienced, open-minded Yoga students, these classes incorporate the playfulness of slow-flow movement with investigations into subtleties of alignment, awareness, and intention. Intermediate classes may include meditation, pranayama, and inversions. Students must already be practicing Yoga regularly (consistent classes for at least two years with a certified teacher, plus a home practice), familiar with the names, alignments, and dynamics of classical Yoga poses, and comfortable following verbal cues only (no teacher demonstration is provided). Please note - this is not a fast-paced 'workout' or exercise class, and is not appropriate for beginners or those working with injuries.  

Embodyflow  Inspired by Ashtanga Vinyasa and other flow forms, this class offers a playful slow-flow investigation into breath and body. Best for continuing or intermediate students who enjoy flowing Yoga, like a sense of challenge, and are comfortable moving through quieting yet dynamic sun salutation variations. 

Embodycore  A challenging slow-flow practice for those who enjoy strong, core-focused Yoga. We warm up with creative variations of Ashtanga-style sun salutations, move on to standing poses and twists, then explore a powerful series of core strengtheners - finishing (of course!) with deep relaxation. Best for strong, intermediate students. Not for beginners, those with spinal injuries or related movement restrictions, or conditions such as pregnancy.